Mary Underwood

Female 1788 - 1872  (84 years)

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Brinkley Russell
Male 1813-1906
Leonard Russell
Male Abt 1874-
Vera Russell
Female 1901-1926
Mary A. Sullivan
Female 1884-1955
Virgil Russell
Male 1899-1931
Oliver Russell
Male 1862-1863
James E. Russell
Male 1841-1869
Henry Cooper
Male Abt 1873-
Kate Cooper
Female 1869-1918
Samuel F. Cooper
Male Abt 1877-
John Cooper
Male 1843-1918
Robert R. K. Manuel
Male Abt 1864-1905
Ella Robinson
Female Abt 1877-
New chart
Altman Manuel
Male Abt 1840-1865
John Inman
Male Abt 1879-
Ire Manuel
Female 1879-
William Russell
Male 1846-1863
Maude H Densby
Female 1877-1942
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Troy P. Russell
Male 1876-1961
New chart
Pearl Simpson
Female 1885-1910
Jennie Russell
Female 1880-1951
New chart
Ollie A Russell
Male 1882-1966
New chart
Georgia Cross
Female 1896-1969
New chart
Carrie C Russell
Female 1891-1981
New chart
John S. Russell
Male 1849-1934
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Mannie Allen
Male Abt 1873-
New chart
Clara Allen
Female Abt 1878-
Clifford Allen
Male Abt 1878-
Kaywood Allen
Male 1884-1952
New chart
Nathaniel Allen
Male 1842-1931
Jacob B Russell
Male 1862-1921
Emma White
Female Abt 1865-
Ralph Thompson
Male 1882-1906
New chart
Eurnise Russell
Male Abt 1879-
Nannie Hammond
Female Abt 1861-
New chart
Ollie A Russell
Male 1882-1966
New chart
Fern T Rollins
Female Abt 1887-
New chart
Fane Russell
Female 1891-1891
Bolivar Russell
Male 1899-1987
Edgar D Russell
Male 1904-1989
Lillian Mae Bass
Female 1906-1960
New chart
Simeon B Russell
Male 1863-1935
Josephine Manuel
Female 1867-1961
Martha Capps
Female 1821-1894
Daniel T. Batton
Male 1836-1917
Malinda Hagel
Female Abt 1829-
Ida A. Newkirk
Female 1875-1955
Wiley Batton
Male 1875-1875
Rutha E. Bell
Female Abt 1849-1875
John Batton
Male Abt 1841-
Bennett Stewart
Male Abt 1841-
Haze Batton
Male 1876-1936
Grace Anderson
Female 1871-1953
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New chart
Juliaetta Batton
Female 1884-1963
New chart
Crawford Stewart
Male 1883-1952
New chart
Harry W. Batton
Male 1888-1955
New chart
Infant Batton
Infant Batton
Male 1880-1880
Joseph Batton
Male 1852-1930
John Jasper
Male 1889-1918
Logan Jasper
Male 1894-1985
Annabell King
Female 1893-1968
Mary Batton
Female 1857-Abt 1899
James Jasper
Male 1854-1919
Albert Woods
Male 1877-1947
William Woods
Male Abt 1855-Bef 1905
James A Jones
Male Abt 1864-
New chart
Mary Bushnell
Female 1883-1957
New chart
New chart
Sylvester Harris
Male Abt 1863-
Matthew Harris
Male Abt 1874-
Marshall Harris
Male 1879-1879
Marshall Harris
Male Abt 1833-1916
Anna Russell
Female 1816-1874
Wiley Batton
Male 1812-1909
James Russell
Male Abt 1853-
Walden Russell
Male Abt 1825-
Sarah Green
Female Abt 1830-
Riley Russell
Male Abt 1862-
John H. Russell
Male Abt 1865-
Neal Morgan
Male 1897-1981
Nanny Collins
Female 1900-1982
New chart
New chart
Lucinda Jackson
Female 1855-1928
Allen Jackson
Male Abt 1851-1933
Martha Russell
Female 1832-1884
James D Dawkins
Male Abt 1883-1966
New chart
Narcissus Leach
Female 1885-1972
New chart
Naomi Jackson
Female 1856-1936
John Dawkins
Male 1858-1911
George Jackson
Male Abt 1858-
Naomi Russell
Female 1825-1905
Henry Russell
Male 1845-1924
Elisha Russell
Male 1847-1915
Mary Underwood
Female 1788-1872
James Russell
Male Abt 1792-1870
Joseph Underwood
Male 1857-1870
Rosetta Roberts
Female 1861-1940
New chart
Whitford Manuel
Male 1858-1928
New chart
Grace A Russell
Female 1885-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Edward Underwood
Male 1879-1910
Sarah A Hucle
Female Abt 1854-Yes, date unknown
Emma C. Morris
Female 1867-1944
New chart
Macom Underwood
Male Abt 1831-1880
Ellen Bell
Female 1824-1910
Eva Lois Jones
Female 1895-1993
New chart
Violette Bell
Female 1870-1901
Luretta B Bell
Female Abt 1876-
Mary Bell
Female 1880-Bef 1893
John Bell
Male Abt 1839-1912
John Underwood
Male 1804-1891
Louisa Kennihorn
Female Abt 1802-1887
Henry Underwood
Male Abt 1805-
Rhoda Stewart
Female 1849-1923
Joseph Parker
Male Abt 1840-1919
New chart
New chart
Lydia A C Stuart
Female 1858-1874
Samantha Stewart
Female Abt 1860-1939
New chart
Arthur Pettiford
Male 1863-1953
New chart
Lazrus Stewart
Male Abt 1865-1882
Zacharia Stewart
Male Abt 1868-1929
Emma Evans
Female 1877-1924
New chart
Rebecca Stewart
Female Abt 1868-
Cynthia Riley
Female 1879-1949
New chart
Anna Jane Anderson
Female Abt 1831-1901
Martha Anderson
Female Abt 1872-
Harvey Anderson
Male 1865-1876
Maria Anderson
Female Abt 1874-1887
Henry Anderson
Male 1835-1862
McHenry Anderson
Male Abt 1867-1899
Rebecca Anderson
Female 1861-1887
George W. Norton
Male 1851-1915
New chart
New chart
Joshua Anderson
Male 1838-1875
Emiline Roberts
Female Abt 1845-1875
Sarah C. Morton
Female Abt 1844-
William S Anderson
Male Abt 1845-1894
Jennie F Stewart
Female 1876-1950
New chart
New chart
Gilbert Tyler
Male 1877-1888
Margaret Norton
Female 1883-1910
New chart
Horace Tyler
Male Abt 1867-
Alma Tyler
Female Abt 1872-
Annie Tyler
Female Abt 1879-
Primus Tyler, Jr
Male 1832-1913
B. S. Anderson
Ollie Anderson
Female Abt 1875-1889
Earley Anderson
Male Abt 1877-1888
Arthur A Stewart
Male 1872-1934
New chart
Armenia Stewart
Female 1875-Abt 1906
New chart
S. H. Anderson
Male 1873-1873
Enoch Anderson
Male Abt 1853-1895
Hepsey J Manuel
Female Abt 1850-
Marjorie Russell
Female 1887-1964
New chart
Ora J Anderson
Female 1889-1967
Morton A. Lewis
Male 1878-1968
New chart
Blanche Anderson
Female Abt 1896-
Adaline Ross
Female Abt 1878-1898
New chart
Rhoda Underwood
Female 1809-1872