The Lost Creek Stewart Families

Rebecca Stewart, born say 1717, sued Charles Hix in Brunswick County, Virginia court in September 1738 for her freedom and a certificate for the same, but the court dismissed the case in February 1738/9 when she failed to appear. Hix was ordered to pay Douglas Irby as an evidence for one day and for coming and going fifty miles. She was living in Surry County, Virginia, on 17 July 1750 when the court ordered the churchwardens of Albemarle Parish to bind out her children: Moggy, Tom, Jack, Nan, Peter, and James.

Joseph Walker sued her in Brunswick County court on 22 June 1756. The jury found her not guilty on 23 February 1757 and ordered Walker to pay costs. She sued Daniel Clarke and Sylvanus Stanton for trespass, but both suits were dismissed by agreement of the parties on 28 February 1759. And her suit against William Evans was dismissed on 28 May 1760 by agreement of the parties.

She purchased 50 acres in Brunswick County on the south side of the Meherrin River and the north side of the Great Road from John Parham for 25 pounds on 26 September 1763, and she purchased 70 acres on Fox Branch from Kirby Moody on 16 April 1764 and sold this 70 acres to Moody on 6 June 1766. She purchased 200 acres near the Rocky Run in Meherrin Parish, Brunswick County, on 23 September 1776. Her land adjoined Drury Going and the Pompey family according to Going's deed of sale for land on the south side of the Meherrin River in Brunswick County on 10 October 1787 .

She was called the executrix of Peter Moggy on 23 January 1783 when the Greensville County court dismissed a suit against her for debt brought by Batt Peterson, assignee of Ephraim Peebles, because she was not residing in the county. She was called administratrix of the estate of Peter Moggy, deceased, on 27 March 1787 when Peterson sued her in Brunswick County court. She was probably the unnamed mother of Thomas Stewart who provided for her maintenance by his 24 February 1791 Greensville County will.

James Stewart, son of Rebecca Stewart, born say 1750, was living in Brunswick County, Virginia, on 11 January 1774 when he and Littleberry Pompey of Sussex County purchased 270 acres in Meherrin Parish, to be equally divided between them as if two separate deeds had been made. He purchased 50 acres on the north side of the Meherrin River in Brunswick County adjoining Richard Branscomb and Thomas Evans on 23 November 1778. He was taxable in Meherrin Parish, Brunswick County, from 1782 to 1796. On 26 January 1778 he and Littleberry Pompey and wife Nanny Pompey (James's sister?) sold 135 acres in Meherrin Parish, Brunswick County, adjoining Steward's Branch. And on 15 August 1792 James and his wife Sarah sold for 50 pounds 137 acres on Buckwater Creek in Meherrin Parish, Brunswick County, adjoining Dempsey Stewart's land. He may have been the James Stewart who married Sally Evans, 2 May 1791 Warren County, North Carolina bond, Eaton Walden bondsman. James and his wife Sarah sued (his brother) William Stewart and his wife Keziah in Brunswick County on 23 November 1795, but the case was dismissed at the defendant's costs. He was head of a Wake County, North Carolina household of 6 "other free" in 1800. By his Wake County will, proved in November 1824, he left his land to his children: Evans, Beedy (married James Walden), Mackey (married Joel Stuart), Tazewell, Dickson, Elijah, and Elisha.

James was the father of:




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