The Otter Creek Stewart Families

Elizabeth Stewart, born say 1695, was the mother of "Mulatto" children: Ned, Matthew, Mary, and Martha whose births, indentures, and baptisms were registered in Bristol Parish (Henrico, Prince George, and Dinwiddie Counties of Virginia). Her "Moll." son Ned was born in the household of Mrs. Frances Wynn sometime before 28 June 1725 when Mrs. Wynn petitioned the Bristol Parish Vestry to have the boy bound to her. She may have also been the mother of William, a "Moll. boy," who was bound to William Eaton in Bristol Parish in 1725. Her children were Joshua born say 1719, Edward/Ned born 19 August 1721, William born say 1723, Matthew born 6 January 1726, Mary born 19 September 1732, and Martha born 3 October 1741.

William Stewart, born say 1723, was called the "Moll. boy named William who formerly lived with William Standback" by William Eaton in 1725 when he petitioned the churchwardens of Bristol Parish to have William bound to him. On 13 March 1738/9 the churchwardens of Bristol Parish in Prince George County ordered William Stewart, a "Mulatto Boy" (no parent or age indicated), bound an apprentice to William Eaton.

He was a taxable head of household in Lunenburg County, Virginia, with Ephraim Drew in 1772. He purchased 200 acres on the head branches of Little Creek in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina from Jacob Chaves on 8 March 1779. He was head of a Mecklenburg County household of 6 free persons and 2 slaves in 1782 and was taxable in Mecklenburg County on slaves Edward and Charles, 6 cattle and 4 horses in 1782; taxable on Anselm Cunningham's tithe and a slave named Ned in 1784, called "William Stewart B. Smith" (blacksmith) in 1785 when he was taxable on slaves Bob and Charles. He was taxable on slave Ned from 1786 to 1788 but not taxable thereafter in Mecklenburg County. William (signing) and his wife Mary sold their 200 acres on Little Creek to James Steward, Sr., of Dinwiddie County, on 11 February 1788. William was head of a Wake County household of 11 "other free" in 1790 and 11 "other free" and 2 slaves in 1800.

He had undertaken to pay Thomas Evans' costs on 13 February 1786 when Jacob Chavis sued Evans in Mecklenburg County court, but William left the county without paying Chavis. On 13 September 1790 Chavis obtained an attachment against William's estate and recovered part of the debt from a number of persons including Henry Chavis, Henry Chavis, Jr., and James Stewart who testified that they owed William money. William was residing in North Carolina on 11 July 1806 when Jacob Chavis of Mecklenburg County, Virginia, gave John Chavis power of attorney to recover a debt from him. He tried to prove the nuncupative will of John Jackson Chaves in Wake County court in May 1808, but John Jackson's aunt Lucy Cole of Mecklenburg County contested the will, claiming she was his only heir. She won her case based on testimony from Frederick Ivey, Peter Chavis and affidavits by three of her white neighbors. Perhaps William was the father of William Jr. born say 1745, John born say 1761, Benjamin born say 1769, Prissey born say 1777, and John Ginnet born say 1778.

John Stewart, born say 1761, purchased 303 acres in Mecklenburg County in 1786 and was a "Mulatto" taxable on 303 acres in the lower district of Mecklenburg County in 1787 and 1788, taxable on 199 acres in 1790, but not taxable on any land in 1791. He was taxable on personal property in 1787, 1789, 1794, and 1797-1802. On 27 January 1797 he purchased 100 acres in Mecklenburg County on Allen's Creek adjoining Mallett from Henry Jackson and was taxable on 100 acres in the lower district of Mecklenburg County until 1810. His wife Ann was apparently a white woman. On 10 January 1809 Ann Stewart was called "widow of John Stewart formerly Ann Jackson" in a Mecklenburg County chancery suit by which she and Patsy Jackson, Peter Jones and Sally his wife (formerly Sally Jackson), and Augustine Smith sued Isaac Jackson, Jeremiah Claunch and Prudence his wife (formerly Prudence Jackson), William Jones and his wife Charity (formerly Charity Jackson), to sell 296 acres which had belonged to Henry Jackson, deceased. The land was sold to Roderick Coleman who distributed 17 pounds, 14 shillings to each litigant on 11 July 1809. On the same date Ann Stewart bought 23 acres adjoining her land and Mrs. Boyd's from Roderick Coleman for 17 pounds, 5 shillings. She was called Nancy Stewart when she was taxable on 23 acres from 1809 to 1816. And she was called Nancy Stewart when she was taxable on a horse in 1810 and taxable on 2 "Mulattoes over the age of 16" and a horse in 1813. She died before January court 1817 when the court ordered the commissioners to sell land which was late the property of John Stewart. His son Archibald was the buyer of the land on 13 March 1817. Later that year on 18 August Archibald sold to Roderick Coleman the timber on 23 acres which had belonged to Nancy Stewart, deceased widow of John Stewart. A May 1817 chancery suit divided John's estate among his heirs who were probably his children:

Elizabeth/Betsy, Henrietta, Archibald/Archer, Abel, Henry/Harry, John, Sally, Franky, and Jane.

ABEL STEWART was born in 1790 in Mecklenburg, Virginia. He married NANCY EVANS. She was born in North Carolina. Abel Stewart lived in White Oak District, Wake County, North Carolina in 1840. He lived in Lost Creek, Vigo County, Indiana in 1850 (Age: 60). Abel Stewart and Nancy Evans had the following children:

RUFFIN STEWART was born on 14 May 1821 in North Carolina. He died on 29 Oct 1897 in Terre Haute, Indiana, and was buried in the Stewart Cemetery. He married (1) ELIZABETH BIBBY on 30 Aug 1838 in Orange County, North Carolina. He married (2) BETHENA SMITH on 26 Oct 1845 in Vigo County, Indiana. She was born about 1826 in North Carolina. He married (3) MARTHA ANN MANUEL, daughter of Wyatt Manuel and Charlotte Harden, on 11 Nov 1852 in Vigo County, Indiana. She was born on 04 Apr 1834 in Sampson County, North Carolina. She died on 12 Oct 1915 in Terre Haute, Indiana, (Age: 81). (more)

ARCHIBALD STEWART was born on 01 Oct 1826 in North Carolina. He lived in Parke County, Indiana in 1850 (Age: 60). He lived in Boone County, Indiana with his family in 1860 and 1870. He moved back to Nevins Township of Vigo County in 1890. He died on 21 Oct 1903 in Frankfort, Clinton County, Indiana, (Age: 77 Yr). He married Anna Jane Anderson, daughter of Jeremiah Joseph Anderson and Rhoda Underwood, on 14 Dec 1845 in Vigo County, Indiana. She was born about 1831 in North Carolina. She died on 24 Nov 1901 in Nevins, Vigo County, Indiana, (Age: 70). (more)

JAMES H. STEWART was born about 1830 in North Carolina. He lived in Lost Creek in 1850, and moved to Otter Creek by 1860. He married Eliza J. Scott on 02 Dec 1873 in Vigo, Indiana. She was born on 22 Oct 1842 in Illinois. She died on 02 Aug 1881 in Vigo, Indiana. (more)

CHARLOTTA STEWART was born about 1834 in North Carolina. Charlotta Stewart lived in Lost Creek, Vigo County, Indiana, in 1850 (Age: 16).

ALFRED MONROE STEWART was born in Apr 1835 in North Carolina. He died between 1900-1910 in Vigo, Indiana. He married Joanna Patterson, daughter of Robert Patterson and Dolly Ann Powell, on 03 Jul 1878 in Parke County, Indiana. She was born in Feb 1853 in Illinois. She died on 26 Jul 1935 in Terre Haute, Indiana. (more)

JANE STEWART was born about 1836 in North Carolina. Jane Stewart lived in Lost Creek, Vigo, Indiana, in 1850 (Age: 14).

RICHARD STEWART was born about 1837 in North Carolina. Richard Stewart lived in Lost Creek, Vigo, Indiana, in 1850 (Age: 13). He lived in Sugar Creek, Boone County, Indiana, in 1860 (Age: 27).

LYDIA STEWART was born in May 1838 in North Carolina. She died on 31 Dec 1911 in Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana, (Age: 72). She married John Trevan, son of Henry Trevan and Delphy Roberts, on 27 Jan 1859 in Vigo, Indiana. He was born in Jan 1832 in Indiana. (more)

GUSTIN STEWART was born about 1840 in North Carolina. Gustin Stewart lived in Lost Creek, Vigo County, Indiana, in 1850 (Age: 10). He lived in Otter Creek, Vigo, Indiana, in 1860 (Age: 18).

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