Ann Evans - Lost Creek Settlement Evans Matriarch

Ann Evans, born say 1710, died before 15 February 1748/9 when the Prince George County, Virginia court ordered the churchwardens of Bristol Parish to bind out her "Mulotto" children Philip and Elizabeth. The churchwardens bound them to the Rev. Robert Fergeson on 10 May 1749 [Chamberlayne, Register of Bristol Parish, 134]. Ann is attributed with having 13 children, with only Isaac having ties to the Lost Creek community, so we will concentrate our research on him.

Isaac Evans, born say 1735, was tithable in Edward Epps' Lunenburg County household in 1752. Isaac was probably one of the unnamed "Molatto Children" Edward Epps asked the Lunenburg County court to bind to him in July 1752. He and Jacob Evans were apprentices of Edward Epps in May 1753 when they sued him for mistreating them and holding them illegally. The court allowed them to go to Martin Brandon Parish in Prince George County to search the register for proof of their age. The court ordered them bound instead to Abraham Martin. Isaac was head of a Warren County, NC household of 9 "other free" in 1790 and 5 in Randolph County, NC in 1800.
He may have been the father of:

Sally, born say 1770, married James Stewart, son of Rebecca Stewart b.1717, on 2 May 1791 Warren County bond, Eaton Walden bondsman. James Stewart and Sally Evans were the parents of Lost Creek pioneers, Dixon, Tazewell, and Elijah Stewart.

Leven, born before 1776, residing in Warren County, NC on 23 November 1797 when he purchased 122 acres in Halifax County, North Carolina, on the waters of Falling Creek. He was taxable in district 12 of Halifax County on 122 acres and a free poll in 1800. He sold 22 acres of this land to John Richardson on 9 December 1800 with Joel Evans and Joseph Lantern as witnesses. He was head of a Warren County household of 7 "other free" in 1810 and 3 "free colored" in Halifax County in 1820, perhaps the Leaven Evans who married (second?) Hariot Scott, 18 December 1829 Warren County bond, Thomas Edwards bondsman. Harriet, a "Mulatto" farmer born about 1811, was listed in the 1860 Halifax County census with $85 real estate. She may have been identical to Harriet Richardson, daughter of Hardy Richardson. Leven appears to be the DNA common ancestor most Lost Creek'er have with the Richardson family, outside of a Bass family connection.

Susannah Evans, married Benjamin Stewart, Warren County bond, Eaton Walden bondsman.

Godfrey, married Polly Walden, 3 November 1818 Randolph County bond, Hugh Moffett bondsman. Godfrey was living in Otter Creek Twp. section of the Lost Creek Settlement in 1840. Godfrey died on 15 Dec 1900 in Muncie, Indiana.

Pleasant, married Delilah Walden, 21 April 1819 Randolph County bond, Godfrey Evins bondsman. Pleasant, Delilah, and their 6 children are living in the Nevins Twp. section of the Lost Creek Settlement in 1850.